Tunir is written in Python. Currently it works with Python2.7+

Clone the repository

$ git clone

Install the dependencies

We are currently depended on the following projects or libraries.

  • libvirt
  • libguestfs
  • libguestfs-tools
  • ansible
  • paramiko
  • vagrant-libvirt
  • pycrypto
  • net-tools
  • typing
  • python-systemd (python2-systemd package in Fedora)
  • Ansible (optional)
  • libcloud

You can install them in Fedora by the following command:

$ sudo dnf install libguestfs-tools python-paramiko docker-io vagrant-libvirt ansible net-tools python-crypto python2-typing python2-systemd python-libcloud


Remember to install python2-systemd package using dnf only